Pushing Forty


Yeap, guess that’ll be me the year after…officially middle-aged! Not sure how that will change my outlook, but I’d like to think my style will stay eclectic. Besides, my love for vintage fashion will never get old…It’s the sort of thing that transcends age.


Erm, as you can tell, I may be on the wrong side of 35, but growing up is still not anywhere on the cards like…ever.

My birthday gets quieter by the year, but as an introvert, I find that suits me rather well. It was just me and hubby David this time, a quiet drive in the countryside, visiting a craft and vintage market, and then a lovely Italian dinner. Yum!

Even at my most sprightly and youthful, I was never particularly active. Health and fitness? Really not my type of chai, but here I am sporting a…well…sports blazer from Adidas. The bright colours caught my eye during a trip to Singapore, and I thought it would pair really well with a pseudo-50s mustard dress I already had in my wardrobe.


I suppose the blazer was meant to be part of a tennis outfit or something, but just look at the little bows and pockets on my dress! Isn’t it the cutest?!


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