Winter Yarn

frock15So after weeks of denial, I finally got my woollens out of storage all ready to face the cold. Once you get past Christmas, snow or no snow (the latter in case you’re wondering), it’s time to admit the weather isn’t quite right for spaghetti straps and flip flops!

Whilst unpacking, I came across an old favourite which led me to go looking for this photo that I remembered was taken not long after we moved into our house. This pinafore dress is reassuringly thick and heavy, but shrinks in the wash. If there were instructions on the tag, they were in Korean. Fortunately, the dress was a little too large for me to begin with. From then on, I knew to use only cold water. Also, the colour runs which means it’s best to hand-wash it separately…I learnt that the hard way.

Somewhere in my wardrobe is a jumper that used to be cream…it is now a lovely shade of pale mint. I suppose that’s one way of dyeing it!


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