Something Old

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My vintage love affair inevitably got me feeling nostalgic, so I dug out some old photos of my wedding day to share. Here are a couple of me with David who’s now my husband, and my man-of-honour Mark (no, I didn’t have a bridesmaid).

The gown I’m wearing in the pictures is Hanfu, though some of you might be forgiven for thinking it’s a Kimono. Hanfu is a Chinese style so ancient it actually pre-dates Christ, and is in fact what the Japanese Kimono and Korean Hanbok were based on.

Choosing a gown proved challenging since I wanted one that was traditional yet unique, and couldn’t see myself lasting the day if it was too uncomfortable or fussy. Since that ruled out a figure-hugging Qipao with Mandarin collar, my only option was to go further back in history. In the end, I found a website that supplied custom-made Hanfu (though sadly the site no longer seems to be functioning), but it still arrived a little too big for me. Fortunately, I had the foresight to order it a month in advance (being well-acquainted with Murphy’s Law, particularly where weddings are concerned) so a slight alteration didn’t pose much of a problem. My ring, however, was another matter…And let’s not go into how we later had to break into our own home.

I doubt I’d ever get to wear my Hanfu again, and with our daughter being taller and a size larger than me (despite being only 14), it may be a few generations before my wedding gown gets another airing.


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