Spring Watercolours


det8 det7 det9

I wish I could say that spring has arrived in full force, but the truth is today is a little bit on the grey side. Never let it be said that I’m not optimistic though! This outfit really does brighten things up, and the fabric print reminds me of Chinese watercolour paintings. Not sure what type of birds they are meant to be though…Swallows perhaps!

I’m very sensitive to the cold, so the pastel colours and long sleeves combine to make this the perfect ‘season-crossover’ dress. Although I bought the smallest size available, it was still too large for me. I often have to get my clothes altered (or shop in the kiddy department), but it can get very costly so I came up with another solution. Garment clips!!! It is now possible to get some rather stylish ones to complement most clothing, and I have invested in a few.

I also have shoe clips with pearls that would match the garment clip, but I thought what with the ribbon effect on the back of my socks, the whole effect would be a bit over-the-top so I have saved them for another day. 🙂


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