The New Old


det3 det4

I’m not a huge fan of ruffles, but this contemporary take on the Victorian blouse got my attention. My fascination with stripes is ongoing of course, but it’s the simplicity of this look that I like most. Neutral colours take away the girlishness of the ruffles, making them less over-the-top. The pearlescent buttons are also a nice touch, and coincidentally, a friend had bought me some matching shoe clips a Christmas ago. Those clips go with so many things!

The handbag was a gift as well…Designer labels are something else I’m not all that keen on (more of a market/thrift stall, charity shop and indie brand kind of gal), but my mum is, and I never say no to presents!

This is a very comfortable outfit, and though it looks like a pretty short skirt at first glance, it’s actually shorts in disguise…That way, a strong gust of wind won’t offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities. After all, the Victorians weren’t known for being terribly tolerant!


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